Dear Donald: the Millennial Dawning

Dear Donald,

Thank you for your willingness to run for President of the United States of America. Thinking back on how you felt at that time you decided to throw your name in the hat, you were secure in your life, but noticed that the country we all love was not reaching its highest potential. It made you sad and discomforted to see people silently suffering from poor health concerns, stagnant wage growth, one-sided deals, and general low morale.

So, you took the responsibility to run for office and to do your best. Thank you.

You are sincere in your words and actions, despite your tone. You care tremendously for all people and have done all you can to create a better world for all people, regardless of national sentiment. With the election ahead, you will legally have 4 more years to Make America the Greatest it’s ever been.

You could go down in history as the greatest world leader and republican president since Abraham Lincoln. You could be the president that ushers the world into the second half of the 21st Century. You could restore trust in Democracy and the Republic for which we stand, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. You could be iconic.

This may be one of few times in history where all people are suffering in the same way, where we all share anxiety about the unknown. Change is happening and that forces each of us to consider what we’ve done and where we’ve been in one’s life mission. As you reflect on your presidency, you must be proud. You won despite your party’s seemling united front against.

Here you are: reformed trade deals, supported and asked American companies to manufacture goods, here at home. You’ve shined light on our country’s racist laws and practices against African-Americans [origins: Africa] and Hispanic/Mexican-American [present-day: America]. Thank you for addressing the toughest issues and providing opportunity for everyone to learn and grow from poor historically poor decisions. Thank you for supporting each of us with that $2 trillion Covid-19 stimulus package. That may be the first unifying step we’ve taken as the human race in the modern history of the United States of America.

Now that the present is leveling grounds, and the future is upon us, we choose preservation and peace. We want to preserve our environment for all to enjoy a healthy harvest. For without a healthy planet, how can there be a balanced universe? We want to preserve ourselves, our lives. For with a tired mind, body and soul, how can we be fulfilled? We want to preserve and restore our family units and structure. For without those we love, why do we live? We choose peace from within and express that truth with our global neighbors.

Donald, extend your arms as wide as you can because the world wants to thank you for time and energy. Expand that great business mind God has given you to bring the best solar, hybrid, and renewable energies to market in the United States of America and abroad. Open your heart to every little black child and white child. Let it say, “Each of you will be able to become all you are supposed to become because I helped make it possible.” Be great!

Healthcare billing and practices can be stabilized through Trump Cares Initiatives and Programs. People on SNAP Benefits could be provided the highest level of natural and organic fruits, vegetables, and meats options through actions you take today. The standards and expectations for these programs should be raised to the highest level of law and order, as part of your mission to end social and racial poverty. All that can be done while increasing profit margins for American companies that manufacture and supply American goods and services. The cherry on top of this pie in the American sky hope you will have set the precedent for the Next 100 Years of Economic Evolution.

You…we…us…can’t say completely what tomorrow has for us because Covid-19 could take our lives, or the earth could reject centuries of abuse and rein fire over our heads. However, we are able to accept accountability for our actions, without absolution.

It is with great anticipation, excitement, and joy that you continue to grow and accept change as change happens throughout the next 5 years. Thank you over and over and over again, regardless of the outcome,

Warm regards, Mr. President,


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